Amsterdam Half Marathon 2017

There were no clocks. Not only were there no clocks, there were no kilometer markings. My mistake was assuming I would be able to pace myself without them, and that I didn't need to check Runkeeper to monitor my pace. After 7 kilometer I was spent. I took out my phone, and found that I had probably set a new personal best for the 7K. Not a very good start on a 21.1K. After that, I'm proud of being able to finish; I had to walk for a total of about 4 kilometers. I ended with a personal worst officially times half marathon, at 2:27:39.

I learned my lesson. I'll make sure to pace myself properly in the future. Now I'm going to lose some weight, build some strength, and start preparing for the 2018 season. I will beat 2:10:00. I'll be satisfied if I beat 2:05:00. The goal is to beat 1:59:59.

Andreas Nakkerud